Nursery school

3-6 years

Our pedagogical program

Our Hungarian-English kindergarten performs kindergarten activities in a small number of small groups. In kindergarten the maximum number of people is 25. Children are divided into two separate groups.

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With 11 years of experience in the childcare and early learning center


In our English-Hungarian kindergarten the day begins with P. E. lessons held by our kindergarten teachers in a playful way which realises the children’s individual needs.

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English and hungarian learning


More and more parents realise the significance and the advantages of early English learning and the parents themselves would like to develop their children’s development in foreign language. The earlier we start teaching English, the sooner and faster the success will be.

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Creative fantasy in everyday life

Creative sessions

The development of self-expression, creativity and imagination helps by making the experiences, our living-minded world of our environment is epresented by hand-crafted art with various techniques. Parents with their children, can work together happily at times, ready for holidays.

Music lessons

Music lessons

Music lessons help children to develop their musical talents and both cerebral hemispheres so that they become sensitive, creative, persuasive, disciplined, intelligent and communicative. Our music teacher teaches preparatory music lessons and piano lessons if wished.

Preparatory Schools

Preparatory schools

Our school preparatory group is recommended for children aged 6 to 7
years who want to prepare for school life. For this preparation we have
chosen the Tanoda View program.
We are proud of our development tutor.
– Program Guide –

The transition from kindergarten school is a very exciting time for every child. Most of them have good feelings and successes with rich hopes for the beginning. The achievement of their successors is made up of several factors and has a major impact on learning to develop later in their relationship. Such factors include the proper maturity of physical, social and emotional abilities, the personality of the waiting educator, the good community and friends, the supportive and secure family background. The program has been developed for the outstanding development of skills that are indispensable for mastering basic culture techniques writing, reading, and counting.