Investigations with Geronimo in the nursery

We would like to give a pleasant summer camp experience if you choose our kindergarten for the summer time. This year we will have an investigation with Geronimo Stilton. We are sure that kids can have so much fun together with Geronimo! At the meantime they can be detectives during camp, search for slots, make binoculars and take fingerprints.

During the camp we immerse kids into English language at the proper level. The teaching is through playing and fun activities.

The camps are running weekly.


With Geronimo: Let’s find the secret treasure together! Through our knowledge of English we will find the treasure by the end of the week.

Each week we have different treasure and we have different topic, so you can have a whole experience with us!

We are more than happy to have kids without any knowledge of English or just want to get higher educated English level for children. Through the day your kids can experience English as a foreign language from hearing it all day long.

Daily routine

  • Everyday PE
  • Breakfast
  • English session
  • Snack time
  • Outside activates
  • Lunch time
  • Nap time
  • seeded programmes
  • Horse riding every Tuesday


  • June 18th-22th
  • June 25th-29th
  • July 2nd-6th
  • July 9th-13th
  • July 16th-2Oth
  • July 23th-27th
  • August 13th-17th
  • August 21th-24th
  • August 27th-31th

You can get a discount for smaller groups (from 3 kids).

How do you apply? Trough registration page which is avaiable here: Nyári tábor beiratkozási adatlap.

The registry form can be sent via email or you can come and hand it over to us in person so you can get your first impression about our kindergarten.

Princess and Balett Camp

This summer is all about sunshine, dance and fairytales.

All little princesses are welcome to join our summer camp filled with dance and fairytale programs. Our camp includes everything that a little princess needs to know: crown, magic wand, necklace, making their own handbags, court etiquette, personal and group sessions, putting on princess dresses, dance, music and singing. Children are welcome to a safe institutional space with our own playground and kitchen. During this camp children will learn about new princess stories every day.

Our program:

  • Monday: Cinderella How much can depend on a little mouse
  • Tuesday: Sleeping Beauty Fairies are helpful
  • Wednesday: Snow-White and the seven dwarves Friends you can count on
  • Thursday: Aladdin and Princess Jasmine The girl who d love to stay a little girl forever
  • Friday: Beauty and the Beast Enchanted kettles and cups

But it’s not all about fun and fairy tales! Our princess camp is not all about make-up and beauty. We also develop the little one’s skills of understanding the main edifications of the stories, such as kindness, being good hearted, adaptation, timidity, diligence, forgiveness and so on. We also have a chance to discuss what right behaviour means through these stories. Our camp is also great for developing concentration through the games we connect to the stories: Q&As (with questions from the stories), card games (same or different), letter-hunt (we read out one characteristic from the highlighted letters). We’ll also hold an afternoon princess tea-party on the last day of the camp, all parents are invited. We’ll perform the princess-waltz we learnt throughout the week (15 min. tops for the parents).

Your children are highly welcome to join us! Fee: 32.OOO HUF/week We have a discount for smaller groups from kindergartens and schools (3 persons).


  • 18th-22th of June
  • 25th-29th of June
  • 2nd-6th of July
  • 9th-13th of July
  • 16th-2Oth of July
  • 23th-27th of July
  • 13th-17th of August
  • 21th-24th of August
  • 27th-31th of August

Daily schedule

  • O8:OO-O9:OO AM Arrivals
  • O9:OO-O9:2O AM Breakfast
  • O9:2O-11:OO AM Fairy tale session with a short break and elevenses
  • 11:OO -12:OO AM Balett session
  • 12:OO-12:3O PM Lunch
  • 12:3O-14:OO PM Silent break, restful games (board games, card games)
  • 14:OO-14:3O PM Second fairy tale session
  • 14:3O-14:45 PM Afternoon snack
  • 14:45 PM Second dance session

Highlighted program:

We hope that our programme raised your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us.