The English-Hungarian private nursery is awaiting children from 12 months of age. Our roups have a small number of kids. Each group has 7 children with one Hungarian and one English teacher. There is enough time for each child to take into account the small individual needs.
We have a family-friendly, child-centered atmosphere, the professional competence of the staff here provides children with emotional safety. In a security environment, with the utmost care, we watch the everyday life of toddlers. Due to small groups, children are given personal attention and treatment. Our educators are kind and helpful, who are always happy to answer about children in a short time and in detail within individual consulting hours.

English and hungarian   nurturing


More and more parents realise the significance and the advantages of early English learning and the parents themselves would like to develop their children’s development in foreign language.


Pirate’s salt room


A “salt grower” designed for children is a special room where children can heal, strengthen their immune system.

It is filled with a Himalayan crystal salt and provides a clean climate that is free from urban contamination and mimics the natural environment to a medical salt that children breathe unnoticed.

Toddlers activities

Toddler swim

It is commonly known that the ability of clever swimmers is greater than that of common children, and that certain age-related movements are acquired more quickly and more steadily. In the pool, with the help of a trained instructor and a caretaker, the swimming lessons of 2-3 year old children can be effectively solved. Thus it is no longer impossible for a 6 year old child to master all 4 swimmers. Nor is it a negligible aspect that these children love to swim.

Toddlers pony horse riding

Effects of horse riding: Kinesitherapical effects treats abnormal muscle-tone improves movement perception develops body image develops balance and body control Pedagogical psychological effects develops attention and thinking broads experiences appearance of self-confidence, independency, self-expression develops motivation emotional development Social effects development of making contacts contact with horses contact with horseman/woman contact with friends emotional functions develops communicative and interactive skills spare time, sport